Monday, October 29, 2012

Praise Report!

I just want to take a minute and tell everyone what happened before the weekend!

...So, wednesday night comes... Landon and I are calling people and sending e-mails trying to raise support so that we can at least stay until December to finish out our lecture phase of our DTS. So far, the teachings we have been getting and the counseling we have received from the staff here has really prepared our hearts for serving the nations and loving each other more. As a newly married couple, I have found that this place is probably one of the best places to receive marital counseling and to grow more and more in Lord together as a couple. To sum it all up- we just weren't ready to go home. Without all our tuition in they were going to have to put us on a plane over the weekend back home to Nashville, but we just knew God had called us here for this time and that somehow- someway we were going to get all of our tuition in on time.

Thursday morning comes and we feel confident. We needed to raise over $3,500 and with only a few precious hours left to do so... then, our leader came up to us before class and asked our permission to put the amount we owed on a white board for the class to see... And we said "yes, that would be ok." Before our leader brought out the white board he gave our class a quick testimony of the father heart of God, and how to give is to be like Jesus and its making way for Him to work through us- It was a really great message. Then he asked us all to pray about how the Lord would have us give to one another and he brought the white board out with not only our name and amount on it but three other people's names and amounts as well. Landon and I started praying, I felt like the Lord wanted us to give so I asked him  "what and whom?" then Landon leans over to me and told answered my question. We only had $40 cash on us and we felt like we should give that to a fellow classmate. After only a minute or two of our names being on the board, Landon walks back to sit next to me, and the next thing I know I look up to see how much we owe and to my astonishment! Our names are GONE! They weren't on the board ANYMORE!

All I could do was cry! Someone- everyone, had given to our debt and it was paid for! Landon and I were so amazed! All we could do was cry and praise God! This was such a huge sign for us that God REALLY did call us here for this season and is going to provide for our every need in our every time of troubles! He is so faithful to me and is such a good Dad.

The next day Landon and I walked into class so happy and abounding with joy in the Lord. Then, one of the staff members says that they needed to talk to us... we were a little unsure at first... What could have gone wrong? Then, she whips out the finance report and looks up at us. Then she says, "not only was your tuition completely paid for, you only have $7,264 left to raise for your entire outreach. People over gave and you already have one of your plane tickets to go to China paid for!" Landon and I started to cry again! This was just SO GOD!!! And He was telling us that not only does He want us to stay on for this lecture phase, but He also wants us to complete our DTS and GO to China. He is SO GOOD!

I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has given or is giving to our mission trip. We really couldn't be more grateful! God is so good! He has given us the desire of our hearts- to be parents! And is calling us out into the nations to bring His greatest news~ The King is alive and He loves the people of this world- no matter who you are:)

A Warrior for the King,

Bekah and Landon McCall

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Westward Bound

Dear Friends,

It has been a wild 3-5 weeks for me and Landon. Packing up and moving our family across the pacific ocean because of a word we heard from the Lord has not been easy... but I don't remember God promising me or Landon that it would be when He asked us to do it. I also haven't heard the version of the story of when God spoke to Abraham and said, "Hey Abraham, move your family on foot across a desert to a destination I will show you years from now, oh and hey! Don't worry- It'll be easy." He asked us, we heard, we listened, and obeyed. I think that is all He requires of us isn't it? To be listening for Him and to obey Him when we do hear Him. I have been so encouraged by everyone, telling me how faithfully I have been following the Lord in what He has asked me to do... But the truth is- I am deathly afraid. ALL my hope is in Him and His quest to lead my life. He tells me to have faith and to lay all my burdens down but I sometimes find myself not letting go of my burdens because I want to have responsibility and a say about what happens in my life.

God comes to me in these moments and reminds me... You gave me your life when you were 5 years old- and I have always come through for you, I have never forsaken you, and have never stopped providing for everything you could every possibly need. Now, I have brought you to this place right now... its ok to cry, its ok to be unsure of your surroundings, because I've got you! I know the way home.. Dad loves you!

Landon and I keep asking ourselves: "What could be the reason God moved us here?" and we have found so many good reason to be grateful for our circumstances. God has surrounded us with loving, God fearing, generous, faith-filled people here. He is growing our hearts and expanding our walls of security. He is humbling us to the floor and is taking back all that the enemy has stolen. He is giving us the greatest gift.

As I wrote about in our last blog update- my security has always been found in provision and knowing where everything I need is going to come from. Well, my earthly security has been taken away to make way for the Lord- the King of all provision! Amen?!

Landon and I need to raise $10,000 for our mission trip to East Asia and we need to get at the very least $5,000 in by this weekend so we can reserve our plane tickets. We know this is a huge sum of money but God has ALL the money in the world and Landon and I are building our faith! We do believe God has something for us in East Asia- something He very much wants to have happen, so will you partner with us? Lets build His Kingdom in a land that He very much loves!

If you feel led to this link would be the fastest way to give:) Thank you!  

A Warrior for the King

Bekah and Landon McCall

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day One Kona Part II

Landon and I had 37 hours of travel time to get here to the beautiful Kona. Our flight left Nashville Thursday afternoon at around 1:45 and then we had a 2 hour layover in Dallas to catch our flight to Seattle. Landon and I couldn't get seats together on the flight from Dallas to Seattle so we when we got on the plane Landon asked the person assigned to sit next to me if they could switch seats and he graciously agreed. I sat next to the window and began to zone out from everything- while Landon on the other hand began talking to the man sitting in the seat next to us. His name was Oscar, was a fisherman who works 8 months out of the year and travels during his free time, and he has been married 20 years to the same woman. When he heard about what we were doing he told Landon about how he and his wife love to help out young people financially to get them through whatever adventure they are taking on. He exchanged numbers and E-mails with Landon and asked him to call him with any information on how to support us. He also handed us $80 on the plane and blessed us on our journey. I felt the Lord so calmingly and strong in that moment- all I could think was, "He has us. He knows what to do- He knows who we are- He knows we are ready to follow him and through that He blesses us and will give us the desires of our hearts!" I am so in love with Jesus in this moment- just remembering what He did for us on that plane and for what He is doing even now to show us His gracious and loving power over me and Landon-- He is so good! I want to cry just thinking about How good He has been to me and Landon this past week...

After we got off the plane my mom's long time friend, Ronalee who works for the Salvation Army with her husband and two sons in Seattle, graciously picked us up from the airport at 10 PM and took us to her home and gave us a bed to sleep on through our 11 hour layover. The next morning she made us coffee and told us all about Seattle, told us a few stories she had from growing up with my mom, and then blessed us as we caught our 9:00 flight to LA. Sadly, our next and final flight to Kona out of LA was delayed 5 hours. The plane that we were supposed to take at 1:00 had a water problem so we had to wait until a plane coming from NY could take us on our way.

Finally! We landed in Kona at 8 PM (1 AM Tennessee time) and was happily greeted by staff from our DTS to take us back to base. All of our bags made it safe and sound (praise the Lord!). As some of you may have heard- there was a bit of over booking on housing last week... Landon and I prayed and they did end up finding housing for us. Not only did we get a room- we are living in new construction dorms that were only just finished a few weeks ago. They have never been lived in and are beautiful- a complete gift from God.

Landon and I are still pretty jet lagged but we are also so very excited to be here and are anxious to understand what God is doing and why He called us here for this season. We both feel the Lord's hand so steadily on us. He has confirmed to us over and over again that this is in fact where He wants us and we both feel so blessed. I was so afraid when I heard from the Lord to move here- to leave everything and do this again with Landon, but I am confident- especially after being back on base- that this is good, that this is His perfect plan for our family, and that He will provide and take care of us. We didn't know how it was all going to work at first- but we did know and believe with all our hearts that if or when the Lord decided to tell us a step of His plan- He will make a way. And He is- even now, as I write this to you my friend, I believe it.

$2,000 out of $7000 left to raise for our Lecture Phase!

Here are some pictures from our journey!

Layover in SEATTLE!!!

Layover in LA!

Finally made it to YWAM!!!

Our Dorm Room from JESUS!!!

Our Campus! 

Love from Bekah and Landon! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

Last Year, July 7th 2011, I set out into the world to find more of the Lord, to see the unsaved saved, to love the unloved, grow in Friendships, discover overwhelming joys and deep hurts, become immersed in a dedicated family, and discover myself in ways I have never understood how.

My time spent in Kona last year changed my entire outlook on life, family, friends, but more so- God. I knew who God was but I had never understood Him- He, who is Great Mercy, Grace, Friend, Father, Lover, Healer, Joy, Peace, and Giver. I learned how to love people and seek Mercy- I have never experienced a time more dedicated to seeking God above all things and by this concept I in turn learned how to Love, how to forgive people close and far, and even how to forgive myself. I didn’t know I had deep hurts like I did until I spent those 3 months in Kona, YWAM… Discovering, Healing, and acting out in faith helped EMENSLEY to prepare me for a country that is so DEEPLY in need of it all…

Israel. A country hated not only by the countries surrounding it- but by all the countries in the whole world. Devastation and grief has turned the hearts of the Israeli people cold. They are immune to the warm touch of Love and Grace. In fear they rush about their day wondering what bad thing is coming after them next, what will be taken away from them next, etc… So they hoard what they have- afraid of making friendships or loving too much because the pain will be just bearable enough if they didn’t invest too much of themselves into someone or something that is fleeting quickly.

Family- the second greatest gift God has giving to us- the first gift given to Adam in the garden when God gave Eve to him as a wife. A concept taken for granted which then can sometimes become tainted and distained for the mess it can become. Family is merely the definition of “a houseful” in Israel. There is no love, no grace, and no patience for the children- not one kind word of encouragement spoken.
After seeing and feeling the discomfort of hate and fear lurking around every corner- destroying the hearts and minds of every soul God created with His own kind, loving, and adoring hands… everything I had known and found so profoundly in Kona slowly started to seam distant, faint, and unfamiliar. Prayer was my only weapon; I used it every single day. Some nights I would wake up to the sound of my own prayer uttering on my lips and hot tears forming in my eyes out of anger towards the wrath of the enemy hovering over that beautiful and Holy Country.

After three months of Loving God, Love people, and bringing the good news to the unloved like I had set out to do I returned to that beautiful Island of Kona. She was there waiting for me- applauding me in my strength, congratulating me on my success, and thanking me for my determination; so proud of me. I felt the Lord welcome me and pick me up and twirl me around as stepped onto the runway of that small airport of the island- I was home.

As I returned to Nashville, TN a week later I felt the Lord promise me that I would return to my second home of Kona, and that I was called to the community and family oriented campus of YWAM. I held on to that promise as the small plane touched ground in Nashville and promised the Lord that I would follow him all around the World and back if He asked me to and that I was willing to wait as long as I had to in order for His promises to be fulfilled. Little did I know- He was already fulfilling a promise as that plane touched ground in Nashville. The promise of a loving, God fearing, family oriented, kind, funny, and beautiful husband. 7 days later I saw him for the first time, but no trumpets were sounding or fireworks exploding at first sight- I was too concerned with following the Lords call- too much in fact that I was not going to be distracted by a cute, funny, and Godly guy. 4 months later the Lord softened my heart and opened the doors of my heart and led me to fall in love with him. A month later we were engaged. The only thing to do next was get married- we prayed day and night for a week… praying for God to tell us when, how, and where we should get married. We came together after praying about it separately and we both heard August… which only meant a three month engagement.
Many friends and family members were concerned with our time crunch- encouraging us that more time would make for a more beautiful and paid for wedding. At one point we both found ourselves so seduced by the perks of waiting a couple more months that we moved our wedding date. Not 6 hours later that day my fiancĂ©, Landon, called me convicted by the Lord for moving our wedding date. I was convicted as well- so we quickly moved the date back to August, excited for the plans God had for us… the wedding was not only 100% paid for- it was beautiful!

Security. The word I have often heard referred to as the number one need of women… I have found this to be true. I love to feel safe, loved and nurtured- but I only feel those things when I am secure in what I am doing, who I am with, and my present surroundings. My husband, my family, and my new home had it all- and it was all provided for through Landon’s and my full time job- which I was offered soon after returning home from Kona. I found my security in it because it was fun, I loved the people I was surrounded by every day, and it paid for everything I needed and a little extra for what I wanted. But the Lord is not a compromising God- and me settling and finding security in what I had was only the open door to compromising my life and the Lord’s plans away. The Lord was not only going to keep His promises to me… but hold me to mine- ‘to follow Him wherever He led me.’

Because the Lord is a gracious and loving God- I was let go from my job last week. The Lord let me know firmly that he was calling me out again, He embracing me and thanking me for serving my coworkers and bosses the way I did for the time I had and let me know that He was pleased with me. I felt peace walking out of my boss’s office last Wednesday… because I knew that the Lord was ready and waiting to get me and take me where He had planned next. Little did I know at that moment walking out of that office that Kona was merely less two weeks away… and I was going to be called out to love, serve, and learn once again.

Fear slowly started to consume my mind. I had to talk to Landon, I had to get our next move, we couldn't afford to keep living where we were on just his income. I didn't understand why all this was happening to us- what did I do wrong? On our drive home that afternoon Landon repeatedly kept affirming to me that we were going to be alright and that we just had to trust the Lord and what He was doing. I desperately ran to the computer to look for any opening as a receptionist... but I found my fingers direct me to the Kona, YWAM page instead. I started looking at all the DTS's and when they started. Landon and I had always talked about doing a DTS and all the good it would do for our relationship as a young married couple. As I was searching I found one in particular-- it was not only being lead by a couple I knew from my DTS last year, it was starting in two weeks. Landon and I thought, "hey, why not sign up- just for fun." It would cost $100 to submit the application so we didn't... An hour later we got a call... it was from Kona.

The Lord was moving... and I started to get even more afraid! How!? How were we accepted without even submitting the application?! I tried to form some kind of financial support to pay for it all up in my head... there was no solution... we couldn't go- we just couldn't! Jesus was there at that moment- He started to warm my heart and tell me that it was all going to be paid for. HOW?! I had just lost my job. Landon was overwhelmed with Joy, he kept saying, "Bekah! This is what we have been praying for every night! For God to close doors and open doors for us to do His will! He will provide, I feel it- I know the money is there." I was still unsure but I knew that this was our answered prayer.

Landon felt that he should put his car up for sale on craigs list that following Sunday... He got a call asking to see it only 3 hours later. God was moving... It was confirmation after confirmation after that.. We had both our families blessings as well as our church's blessing to go- to do this!

God wants us in Kona again. I don't know why- but I do believe that it has to be a pretty big reason. So we are heading out this Thursday. No money to pay for tuition... only the plane ticket. But God has us in this moment- I know He will provide- and I am excited to see God work through me and Landon these next 6 months.

A Warrior for the King,

Rebekah McCall

*If you the Lord calling you to support me and Landon or feel called to giving toward our mission trip please call me at 615-636-6079 or donate online by clicking the donate button.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dusting Off Freedom

These past few weeks I have been thinking intensely about my return trip home; I have been going over in my head what little things I can remember from when I was last home and wondering what home will be like when I get there. Thinking back to how life was for me before I left, all I can really remember is what it felt like... I had a lot of stress built up inside of me... stress from trying desperately to impress certain people, the stress of High School, and the stress of just trying to be a good daughter (to both my parents, the church, and the Father)... It took a lot of pride shattering during these few months in YWAM for me to truly recognize the orphan spirit and religiosity I had welling up inside of me.

Right before I started writing this I was listening to some music I used to listen to all the time before I left home... and it all brings back so much pain... I can remember what I was thinking and feeling when I would listen to certain songs... Pain of rejection, pain of guilt, pain of unforgiveness and frustration.

Ok, I am making home sound really really bad... NOT MY INTENTION. Home is home- it IS one of the ONLY places I feel truly accepted, nurtured, cared for, and loved. Home is the best place on earth in my opinion. What I am describing to you in the last two paragraphs is NOT my family or friends... its merely what I had decided to live for. I had decided to be made perfect in my own strength in hopes of impressing God, parents, and friends... as a result I had stress, guilt, fear, and I felt really fake...

There is this one day in particular during my lecture phase that has really stuck with me... Ivan Roman asked our class one question... "Who are you?" Not, "Who do you know?" Or "What can you do?" ...I was dumbstruck... all I felt was fear entering in to that question because I honestly had no clue who I was. I felt like a shell.... I had an outside, but my insides where just made up of replica's of things I had seen work on other people and sermons from pastors.

I could tell myself all day long that I was ok and end up believing it by the time I went to bed... but if I had been honest with myself.. I really wasn't. So why couldn't I just deal with it? Why couldn't I just go to God and get the answers?

Well..... because I had forgotten the freedom I had in Him in order for me to do that. Its simple... the orphan spirit I had turned to prevented me from rejoicing in freedom. Just like Martha, I wanted to work to please God and the people around me. Just like the older brother in the story of the prodigal son, I was faithful to the Father and I stayed with Him, but that doesn't mean I took the time to just be His son. When you have freedom- you don't have guilt. When you have freedom- you have identity! You are simply His. I want to be Mary! Who sat at Jesus's feet in freedom! I want to be the prodigal son! Who returned to the Father covered in shame, but was instead greeted with pure love and freedom by the Father! Listening to the song I uploaded on my page made me remember this lesson in freedom. I have finally put off my old slave rags, the ones Jesus nailed to the cross, and have put on my glory robes! I can rejoice in failing! Because Jesus took care of it! I am FREE! I AM FREE! I AM FREE! Yes, I messed up yesterday when I got frustrated with my neighbor... but I don't have to wear the shame and guilt of it anymore! Jesus still welcomes me to sit at His feet and to dine on the fatted calf! Can I get an AMEN?!

Dust off that Freedom brothers and sisters! For He SO loves YOU!
A Warrior for the King,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello friends! Its been too long... Quick update: Our team moved today! We had been staying in the Muslim Quarter at the Living Bread International Church housing place- which was such a blessing- $18 dollars a day and they fed us 3 meals a day 6 days a week. But, TODAY we moved into the Succat Hallel Prayer House housing apartments- one for the girls and one for the guys. Its $12 a day which is $3 under budget and such a jewel to find in Jerusalem. Its also in the Jewish Quarter which is cleaner and safer for us girls to walk around in by ourselves. So far our main outreach tactics have been relational and intercession- our main concern has been building relationships with people throughout our community as best we can and ministering to the heart of God. Once we have the Fathers heart for the day- it becomes so easy to love the people and hate the sin that holds them captive.

Our team has been so blessed so much by our Father! We grow closer together with every passing day. Believe it or not, there have been ZERO controversies between any of us. Not a single one. Our secret- have an unoffendable spirit and leaving no footstool for the devil to stand on. If one of us does something that the other doesn't like you can either assume they meant no harm and chose to keep a short account or address it one on one in love. It works! We laugh, tell each other secrets, and the best of all- we all have a huge crush on the same guy- Jesus:) I love the brothers and sisters my God gave to me to help me grow during my time in Jerusalem. Most of our conversations lately have been dedicated to finding out how we are going to incorporate ALL of our family rituals into Thanksgiving Day.

Just so you all know- merely being here has changed me forever, but more, God being here with me has made me new. He is showing me that He isn't mad or disappointed with me and that He welcomes me into the secret place as His Holy daughter. He beckons me with sweet secret names and dreams that only Him and I know. He has become my Lover, my Deliverer, my King, My Father, and my Best Friend. I nearly cried today during team time... I am at a loss... thinking back to how faithful He has been to me during this journey- He gave me EVERYTHING I needed, through friends like you, to come here! All I had to do was ask. Thank you for everything you all have done to get me here comfortably, thank you for prayers, thank you for caring, thank you for wanting to keep in touch with me during this journey.

I love and miss you all terribly.... please pray that I become more bold and confident in who I am in Jesus. I want only the fullness of what He has for me... and I cant have it unless I reach out and take it. Thank you!
A Warrior for the King,

     Our new hood;)